Poem -

Pathway to Friendship

Pathway to Friendship

Understanding a little late,
How unfair that it was,
Leaving you like a stray,
A choice that was not mine.

A strong bond,
We once shared,
One that was never understood,
Taken from us just like that,
I know it wasn't right.

A fork in the road,
That was forced,
I went right,
You went left,
That was not our decision.

I tried so hard,
To stay in touch,
All the hours we would talk,
Only made it seem more worse.

Watching you fall apart,
Hurt me more than you thought,
Sorry that I couldn't help,
I didn't know that's how you felt.

We both took different paths,
Still today we are friends,
Ever sit and wonder,
If we would have,
Took the same path together.

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