Poem -

Paying forward kindnesses done...

courtesy family, friend or stranger

Paying forward kindnesses done...

Appreciative when nonagenarian
papa telepathically hears me yelp
and/or non twisted sisters,
who time and again offered
unsolicited beneficial help.

Indeed unable to reciprocate
that's not quite all he wrote
when kith/kin allotted this ole goat
specie, paper money, and bank note
I experienced collateral
fallout unable to float

mine vessel, nor without
ability to emote,
thus underwent "non Fake,"
agony, I don't sugar coat
albeit analogy to sinking boat
(think Lusitania), thus

this scrivener doth gloat,
whenever he proffers
random act of kindness,
yet never can match,
nor approximate sum total denote
ting cumulative countless

dire straits immediate family
came to rescue one lame
(damn silly word wizard),
whose destiny when graphed
resembles infinitely jesting asymptote
approaching, but never
reaching financial solvency.

Hence yours truly doth attend
impossible mission to contend
despite contrary rumors,
he doth really wish to extend
to assist family member friend
Romans, countrymen, yes to lend,
(or lease) helping hand to mend

ever widening gap,
when charity bestowed
payback doth equal
obligated (boot unable) to spend
small fortune in order to secure

necessary Brownie points
approximating largesse describing
series of fortunate events that didst trend
all throughout mein kampf thee end!

Ha... ha... tricked you dear reader
yea me annoying
as mosquito buzz feeder
of Fake news, who
unfortunately happens tubby,

our crudely inept, mishuga,
and vulgar leader,
he doth trumpet disinformation
fast as rabbit breeder.

Whenever ripe opportunity doth arise
to avail - even toward
someone I might despise,
whether gendered person(s)

gals and/or guise
self satisfaction awakes to realize
to give unconditionally and tries
affecting humanity positively
free effort plus also wise.