Poem -

Picture of You

Picture of You

There’s something caught in my eye
It’s just this picture of you 
A casual, faded thing from yesterday’s Summer
This picture of you, laughing
There’s something tight in my heart
It’s just the tug of a memory
Pulls at me like a child fearing the unknown World
I gather it up tenderly
Place it gently, here with my visions and dreams...
All the things that mean 
And slowly, slowly you’re turning to shadow
Falling softly into waters of forgetting
Sleeping where treasures are guarded by 
Mermaid emotions
And what matters becomes crystal clear
Like the waters and happiness and
And l wish, l wish...l wish...
Slowly your melodies are all becoming whispers 
It all fractures, disintegrates, falls away
But you feel, and you love, and you know
And its breaking my heart 
Because everyday I lose you just a little bit more

This cold growing inside me is frightening

I just want to hold your smile in my hands
For just a little while more...remembering
When all our yesterdays were rainbows
And your laugh was the sound of my joy
And tomorrow was a promise kept 
Let me comb your hair
Let me comb your hair now
Isn’t that better...
It’s so baby soft
Baby soft slips right through my fingers
No mama I’m not crying
It’s just that cold again, that allergy
Seems l have a lot of them lately
These red, teary eyes
I just want to hold you til it goes away
Can we make it all go away now...
There’s something caught in my eye
Just this picture of you
Picture of you, laughing

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