Poem -

Whispered Threads

Whispered Threads

I bring myself here, not quite whole
Waiting for language to be born inside me
Hoping there are words in this day that have, as yet
Eluded me
You are bright with certainties and choices
To put it out there, this veiled thing
This wound that is not only yours, my love
Not only yours
I bleed then beg mercy for crying
I cry then seek forgiveness for my wounds
Then the myriad storm settles...
All falls back into usual rhythm...
And I remain out in the cold and the darkness
Nothing ever changes
Turning the clock hands as the covers fall
Seeing beyond me with blinded eyes
Can you see these depths in me with no torch
No flame?
Just a shadow of hope grown so weary
Cover the mirrors, free the bird
Cover the mirrors of time
Set sail tonight for my empathy 
But you were ever lost
No compass points this way for you
Because my light simply isn’t enough...
And so I love you, sadly
With tearful love that only rests its head on
Broken pillows of stone, and bleeds
From wounds that are not only yours, my love
Not only yours

I am here, not quite half of a whole self
Emptied into an abyss of hoping
Bound by whispered threads, seldom met 
And so much left 


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