Poem -

Plastic Bodies

Plastic Bodies

We awaken in birth naturally beautiful blessed perfection 
Each new life God strokes his brush
Detailing our human forms out of his creativity
Although some people see the mirror as their appearance bully

Unsatisfied with their original imagine
Letting the insecurities pick apart ones self-esteem
Meanwhile rich influence money's power of disfigurement
Hiding their scares from the steady hands; afterwards bought fleshly modified outlining plant seeds of envy 

While the cameras reveal the craftsmanship of their butcher 
Those viewing hold beauty in a falsified manner
Willing to exchange federal currency
Ready thirsty swallowing debts drowning gulps

Obtaining  flawless alive from transformation
With thought of a glamorous empowerment, yet framed frozen portraits remain as haunting ghost
The what once was fixed distracting eyeful 
Began horrific as time unglued that firm illusion 
Allowing that's irritating look of self ugliness breathe once more 

Without the option of the architects talk 
You sit mouth deep in disbelief
As your nose inhales life's truth 
Your mouth forcefully chokes down imperfection 
Finally understanding of the material difference between flesh and plastic 

Hot plastic molding flawlessness is unwrapped Barbie's
Human skin combined with time play a realistic role of a plum
Therefore man-made human sculpting cycles back, giving you sight of that fearfulness ugly unstoppable
So to stop the self opinion is your personal operation

Be drop dead gorgeous inside, and it will reflect into the eyes of other's 
Unless momentarily happiness is true important, but your nightmare will be accompanied by age 


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Tony Taylor

Hey P.I.!!.....this is friggin' brilliant!!......for most certainly beauty comes from within...as does everything in this life.....actions speak directly to that beauty......some of your phrasing is 'off the hook' brother!! ~

        ~ "Letting the insecurities pick apart one's self-esteem.."

kick ass write my friend .....LOVE IT!!......ALL STARS!!.....high fives!!.....LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 👏👏👏✴👌❤

prowess Ink

Hells yeahs! Thanks bro it's always great to get your feedback. Oh yea it's kinda sickening how people dissect themselves, and kill their natural existence with fake. Theirs alot of beautiful people out there who's insecurities destroy. We all are beautiful. Beauty shouldn't be measured by curves and toned body parts. We all have a reason here, and if we block society's noise we could discover it. God bless beautiful people! 

Cherie Leigh

Great point!  It bothers me that so many people go under the knife feeling they have to be something different than what God made them to be....HE looks at us by our hearts, and I wish more people looked at us that way.  Beauty is as beauty does, not by what society says is perfection.  I want my children to grow up happy with themselves for who God created them to be....not a knife....It makes me sad that some feel they have to be an image that is just that....not real....Great awareness write...xo ;) 

prowess Ink

Thank you! Exactly there shouldn't be no set standards. It's just a easy excuse to belittle someone. Not to seem vain, but I have a missing front tooth. Still I get hit on by girls daily while smiling. Because to me it's not a flaw to be ashamed of it's character, and that confidence reflects true beauty. People shouldn't be effect be something so petty. In the words of Tupac himself " I just want to see you smile"...