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Poem God

Poem God

I'm a poet God
Living in the garden of reading
Banishing cliches everyone else is repeating
The tree of knowledge
are the things that I'm teachingΒ 
and the fruit of the vine are the lines that you're hearing
Top tier, top tier-
there's no competing-
And I'm not reaching,
I'm just preaching.
So now you have a clue
everything you heard is true
make other poets blueΒ 
in the face
trying keep up with this race
And keep in mind-
this is only a small taste-
not a full plate-
a vestige of the message that I'm trying to convey:
Who else writes like Kerouac-
But spits it like Wu Tang?
I'm just saying-
I've got so many styles-
whether flow or textile
I rank top percentile
Find yourself in denial-
never find a better writer
who else slings the fire
the way I do, I never tire
or perspire
my retrospective is impressive
take some notes-
this gon' be a tough lesson
I'm just blowing off steam
I'm a freestyle machine
The verses so clean
and oh so pristine
the sound is profound
the verses well endowed
hand over the crownΒ 
cuz I'm the king now-
I dared to tear into my ego-
pull out a humble brag to prove my skill is greater than not equal-
over the top;
call me a zealot-
But if I got this published-
I bet you I could sell it.

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Tony Taylor

Hey SHAWN!!.....this is a well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered lyric line.....a fine piece of poetic flow.....that when spoken aloud comes trippingly off of the tongue.......the internal rhyme within the phrasing helping me to think of this as an excellent rap-line as well!!......ALL STARS!!.....love the bravado of this!!......Well done dear poet brother......and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo πŸ‘Œβœ΄β€βœ΄πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Shawn Naquin

Thank you so much! that is so nice of you to say :)

Barry Childs

Love this, nearly as good as me. Nice Rap. Barry x

Barry Childs

I just read it again and it's even better than the first time. Love the line, 'hand over the crownΒ cuz I'm the king now-' You can borrow myΒ crown until next month. Great write. Thanks for sharing. Barry


Cool poetry angel

John Coggins

Nice one! Really enjoyed this! Great rhythm and rhymes man! ☺

Mr Smooth


Impressive lines throughout...
great structure and you have poetically defined yourself as a great writer.Β 

Mr Smooth