Poem -


Diamond eyes you have me like you had me and you will always have one thing and you know you had the man who is so grateful that no matter where he is going he’s only stoping his going when you are smiling as I give you all the freedom that reflects off of you and right into 
The road is a place to travel 
The home is a safe pin drop 
The expression I make when the waking is with 
The smile that you give 
The teeth that I show 
The time we have 
The ways that it is 
You are just around every turn 
The x on the map and tattoo in his mind 
If you not at the end then you must be at the after party 
We begin with our feet touching and our lives safely at the anytime and that’s anytime and every night 
I laugh at you crying for me 
You cry and that’s ok 
I cry when you are happy 
You are so happy and pregnant 
I’m so happy because you are safe with me 

You are you and that’s what matters to me
You and me are nowhere specific 
We are inside and outside 
Flexible and dynamic 
Poetic and dense 
Who knows what each other think and that’s just fine. 
We just came home and we live there we just woke up curled up like tigers with only warmth to show for our controlled tiger love 
The long nights 
The short wave frequencies I broadcast are out my control

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