Poem -


I did not want to leave you behind. 
I did not want to let you suffer.
I did not want to give up on you.
But you tore us apart with your own two hands.
You broke our bond like you were snapping a twig
Now it's been consumed by the fire.

Ive mourned your loss and miss your presence,  but I am a Priestess of Avalon,
I am
The Maiden 
The Mother
The Crone
I am Goddess

I will find balance without you
I will have my God in horns and bow at his feet
I will rejoice in my circle 
I will dance in a ring to the rhythm of the earth by fire light
I will call on the forces of nature and call down the Gods in sacred rite 
I will dance in Her glow at night
And by day I will walk in the warmth of His light

I WILL live this life without you
I will not allow the loss of who you used to be
To keep me tethered to a past that is dead and gone
The departure from that life was painful
But it's over now


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