Poem -



The spring air blows softly into my eyes
And capture each moment in remembrance,
To make my heart fluttered in flight.
Releases butterflies wobbling into space
A race of beautiful heavens filled with delight.
Night, wandering stars strove upon my eyelashes,
The Alarm, chased sorrows away from a damp demise,
into a mist of tears running fearfully down my face.

Spring release new hopes in the wind swaying,
A change of season quickened its tilted limbs,
Like the currier on morning wings newly arriving,
Leaving the night painting the scene of sins.
Murky darkness passes the light in-between
Crossing moonshine and the dawning of the day.
Out into my dream, the redemption of love is born,
And throw upon the wind, caution in the storm.
My heart once was charmed by gallows of lust,
Envy had thrust, treasures of happiness crushed
In passions fires, the lament of rage rushed.
These were the whims of my ill trodden life
They held me each night to earth and dirt supplied
a picturesque trance, where the gallows danced.

Conscience is our redemptive guide,
The voice of destiny whispers silently
A tune to cover lofty grand morals we cannot hide,
Crumbling into a vault of penitence soaring free.
Desire becomes the strongest possibility.
Make Redemption draw near, but my heart is still far
Death is immutable, a fixed epoch of invincibility,
A string of greater pains than remains of nuclear war.
I can see the stars, they’re in my eyes, trembling
Yellow bright emblems, signs of the times fulfilling.
While high above, the heavens have questions for me.

I wonder if, the redemption will haunt me tonight
Synchronizing the new purposes deep within my mind,
Once, embedded with pride and ego of human rights,
Protest and fights only got me more jail time.
Now, I am so longing for the lordship of right
To leave the wrongs in the regions beyond,
And find in my heart reasons often so misunderstood,
The purpose of an existence that conscience demands,
A force of will, to forge a greater brotherhood
striving about to cherish living, as we should.