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Romantic Zodiac : The Brute

Romantic Zodiac : The Brute

They call me callous, they say I'm not right,
they all tell you I don;t care... But, I do, you know?
I may joke around, and tease you, and piss you off sometimes,
but I know you know that I... you know... love you.
I always have, from the minute you loved me.
And when you said it... I may have laughed,
and winked at you, and made some jokes at your expense,
But, you saw it in my eyes... And the way I held you...
You knew it when you felt me crying...
I have never cried in front of anyone.
But, when I saw you there, so tiny and cute,
telling me words I wished so fervently to hear...
I couldn't help myself. It hit where nothing has before.
When I hold you... I want nothing more than to protect you.
To keep you safe and warm forever.
To everyone else, I might be strong and confident,
but in front of you... I turn into a bumbling mess.
I hope you know you;re the only one who can do that.
To make me so embarrassed. To make me feel special.
I love you more than anything else in this world.
Even though I would never say that to your face,
I know you know that I do.
And that is enough...
You Dummy...

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Dmitri Rudder

These are what you would call Cinnamon-rolls, who are burly and stoic on the outside, but waaaaay too sweet on the inside. They have trouble expressing themselves, have insecurity issues, and try to be manly for their others. Honestly, the best pair for them is to find A Lover type, or Mother, who can accept their love and return it. Queens can work, but it can becaome strained if they start competing for power. Brutes rarely enjoy getting in dominance battles with the person they are trying to protect and love. The Worst match for Brutes are Coins and Ice Princesses, due to the apathetic nature of both Types, as well as the general academic aversion to ars gymnasia. 

Two Brutes can be one of the most amazing and adorable relationships, with A Large amount of Embarrassment and fighting, but a deep and powerful bond that can form when they need help. Also, watching them try to protect each other is simply too cute, though you may be playfully punched for pointing it out...