Poem -

Satan's Scream

Satan's  Scream

The shouting and screaming,
The kicking, the trampling,
The screams of horror,
The crushing of bones.

The sound of torment, 
Heard loud and clear, 
Echoing in alleyways, 
For all to hear.

The sound like nails,
Screeching against the blackboard,
On a wet and windy day,
As the devil ascends and drags his prey,
Somewhere far far away.

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Imtisal Fatima

Oooh, dystopian nightmare world gives me the shivers. I wonder what inspired you to write that?
Nice work :)

Dmitri Rudder

Sometimes, the devils victims neither scream nor resist. The most wise of people simply walk by his side, until they see the light. Because, as so much has taught us, the only way to see the light is to first wallow in the dark...