Poem -

Socks, Dear Socks...

Socks, Dear Socks...

Socks, dear socks,
I love you,
You stink!
They're quite versatile,
Don't you think?
You can chop them up,
And add them to stew,
When it comes to socks, 
Nothing's askew!

Whatever I receive,
On Christmas Day,
You always make sure,
That I get pay.
It's guaranteed,
That every year,
A stocking full of coal,
Will be here!

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Sammar Fatima

I know Marion's sock-poem contest is over, but I just decided to have a bit of fun and write this.
I know it doesn't really make sense.....but I had fun writing it so whatever; )

Cherie Leigh

Lol...The sock theme is never ending!  Lol  I love this...very humorous...Great contribution!  xo ;)

Sammar Fatima

Thanks. It's just something I scribbled down on the spot, so it doesn't make sense in some places and it's not one of my best writes, but I'm really glad that you enjoyed it ✌️☺️☺️☺️