Poem -

Old Friend.....

Old Friend.....

When we were young,
We had eternity.
Every day was an adventure,
Every moment with you,
Like a dream.
Nothing was impossible,
When it came to you,
One day the sky could be green,
And the grass bottle-blue!

But, as we grew older,
I became more distant,
At first it was subtle.
We would still see each other,
First every day-
Then every week-
Until eventually, 
You faded from my life,

I forgot all about you,
All these years.
Yet you continued to smile,
Even in the darkness and dust,
Where I had left you.

Until one day,
I opened a box,
And there you were.
All damp and mouldy,
Smiling up at me.

Looking at you then,
I remembered our past.
The days we spent together,
In the colourful bliss of youth.

And then once more,
I looked at you,
And after what seemed like eternity,
We smiled together,
Once again.

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Cherie Leigh

Aww...In a moment all those childhood memories can come rushing back with sentimentality over something so special of a child's experiences...I had a stuffed horsey named, "Sugar" that was my dearest friend...I loved reliving my childhood memories through yours.  I enjoyed. xo ;)