Poem -

Save You

The rain comes with my sorrow, thunder and lightning too
My nightmares wake to haunt you
But my dreams make nothing I want true
Its seems they simply want to taunt me anew

What good is any power?
What good can a Goddess do?
What use could any magic be to me
If I cannot use it to save you?

My anger scatters the stars in the shaking sky
The world threatens to unravel when I cry
But nothing happens at all when I call out "why?"

It seems there is little I can not see, conjure or do
But I remain cluess, hopeless and powerless to save you

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Tony Taylor

Hey TWILLA!!....this is VERY well crafted...... you can feel the hopelessness that inspired the write in the very first place...... which (of course) is a sign of a VERY good write!!...... It reads BEAUTIFULLY aloud as well!!......ALL STARS!!..... filled with original and uniquely crafted phrasing!!......HIGH FIVES girlfriend!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo. : )