Poem -

School Shooting

School Shooting

I wake up in the morning, and turn on the local news,
To see what is happening in the world, and all their different views,
Shooting stabbing rape and theft, it really isn't that cool,
A situation is breaking live, another shooting at school.

Today is nothing different, something needs to change,
Nothing makes you run like hell, when you are in range,
A school is a place for learning, a place to meet with friends,
A place where many lives start out, not where they should end.

Guns do not kill people, or at least that's what they say,
It takes a special kind of crazy, to bring that gun today,
Where are all your bullies, why do you just hate the world,
Why did your heart get broken, from your imaginary girl.

The aftermath will be still here, when you've proved your point,
When you come to school with your gun, and just shoot up the joint.
You know the way it's  going to end, why don't you get some help,
You will end up getting policeman shot, or you'll shoot yourself,

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