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Seasons of You

Seasons of You

Spearmint was the color of your eyes
When we spoke under a canopy of fading leaves
Silver sunlight sparked in your winter hair
As juniper berries tinted your lips crimson
The seasons coalesced in your complexion
A year worth of flavor, your beauty described
A lifetime of changes, I could not deny
When the June moon rose on rosy breath
We united our hearts with ivy vine
Together in passing of seasons ripe
Together till death do both us part

Shadowed in the blossom tree
Hid the weeping whisper of a meadowlark
Spring came early, rebirth a hollow kiss
Your cemetery lily dips heavy with dew
Recall brings you back to me
In the colors of June, Fall, and Winter
The Spearmint of your loving gaze
Lingers in the willow tree
Reminding of what used to be
Until the June moon rises again
I cling to the seasons without end

RRG © 9.21.19


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Marion Price

This is a very poignant and lovely verse Rebecca ....beautiful 🌹