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She is a Siren & a Seer

She is a Siren & a Seer

Pure kindness radiates from her,
Her smile brings cheer to any room,
All eyes glued to her movements,
Her natural odor is better than any perfume.

Everyone wants to be her friend,
But at the same time hate her,
The more cheer she brings to a room,
The more jealousy begins to stir.

All she ever seems to cause is trouble,
Since perfection is both desired and forbidden,
Bodies and hearts begging to let her in,
Tongues and minds making her unheard of and unwritten.

Only in secret can she be admired from gentlemen,
While whistles ad catcalls from pigs are all she can hear,
Could she possibly not know of her admired beauty?
No, she must know she is as a Siren and a Seer.

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