Poem -

She purrs...

She purrs...

A spot is a dot
like a ball in the kitchen
that one runneth over
when one stumbles to ground

It has a slight crack
that makes an odd noise –
in the hallway it’s heard
then it sits with a poise

The sound falls to ground
(found outside on the grass)
like a mitt it is caught
but from the mitt it moves fast

When it’s thrown see it grow
she will stare at the ball
it will dance in the air
as it jumps near the wall

It bounces and pounces
and shimmies and dances
in the sky where it flies
and flounces and prances

As she jumps high to catch –
her four legs in the air
it’s not a dot in the sky
but a ball to be fair

And when she rests on the floor
(with a smile unique to her)Β 
as only she can –
she dreams as she purrs.

(dedicated to my furry friend, Kahlua)


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