Poem -

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools

Wisps of blue-green caress
My skin whilst I float on the

Endless currents of a thrashing 


The waves brush the sides of

My wooden vessel as the

Fear creeps over me. 

Deep is the cavernous depths

Of Poseidon's realm, who's

Daughters sing the song of 

The Sirens. 

My lips are parched thanks

To the salt and baking sun. 

My sail left me days, minutes

Weeks or months, who knows? 

The time slips away like

Droplets down the sides of my

Wooden home. 

I've been circled once, twice

By the creatures of the deep. 

They gnash their teeth as they 

Try to reach my bony carcass. 

They circle liked finned vultures, 

Trying to feast on my hanging


It looks so shiny this mirror I 

Sail upon, it beckons to me

As I stare through the eyes 

Of death. 

And the sun driving rays of light, 

Golden as they are, into my very

Empty center. 

The lapping of the water against

The sides of my dory

Calls me too my watery grave. 

I slip into the froth, the coolness

Strokes my burned skin, 

Like leather primed for tanning. 

I'm tired,

Lonely and lost.

I accept the end and sink to

Join Davey Jones in his

Crowded locker. 

One last choke and I'm free. 

I stretch my wings and fly like

Icarus, through the clouds, past

The sun and into the arms

Of God,

Benevolent, beloved and blessed. 


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