Poem -

Sink Hole

The day the sink hole appeared 
My life changed forever
All consuming and destructive 
It grew despite endeavour 
It swallowed up my sanity
Grew to contain my grief
And whittled away the ground below 
Like a creeping silent thief
The rest of civilisation 
Called across from the other side
I couldn't jump across to them
The hole was far too wide 
Each rock that crumbled away
And descended into the black
Fell silently for an eternity 
Before the sickening crack
I heard your voice from below 
Echoing, haunting dismay
I knew you were there in the darkness 
Alone and so far away
With every ounce of effort
I have started to build a bridge
I crawl along it hesitantly 
Soil dissolving at the ridge
Each day is a step forward 
Each day my willing will grow 
But for now I have to concentrate 
Not to fall to the darkness below