Poem -

Smaugs Lament

Come all fates
I declare a war
I stand with sword in hand
I stand with out my shield
Dragonfire you took my life
Dragonfire you took my wife
The angel in my life.
I stand by before this cavern.
Awaiting. My swift swift fate.
i stand. Before the gate to hell 
Ready. To drag you in.
Her hair was silver and gold.
It shimmered in firelight.
To her I gave my very soul.
Until you destroyed my beloveds life.
A King of Earth I may be.
But monster you have defeated me.
Yet with this last breath I take 
I will be sure to seal your fate.
Smaug you brought me wrath and ruin.
Now by all God's of middle Earth 
Of all the Kings there have ever been.
I vow here and now this war will end
As I give my life 
To take you
foul dragon down.


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Tony Taylor

Hey VIOLET!!....I LOVE the J.R.R. TOLKIEN stuff!!.... you've done poetic justice to this classic tale of Dragons and Kings, and Gold, with Hobbits and Dwarves......Smaug was such a great character (Dragon or Not)!!......ALL STARS!!..... fun read dear poet sister!!..... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo. : )


Violet Freese

Thank you !  I am a Tolkien fanatic and I took a little liberty here as Bard is the one in the movie that was the dragon Slayer.  And he did it with an arrow.  This is done as if Thranduil the elf King was taking him down after the death of his wife whom we really don't know anything about. ....thanks again