Poem -

Someone out there

Someone out there

Is there someone out there who is right for me
oh I know she is right for me
one who will stand by my side through thick and thin
one who will stay loyal and trustworthy, no matter how hard I try I can't seem to win

A series of questions I have not yet answered
Some of the best answers I find for myself come from within 
Secrets safe with me and Angel's know the truth
I wish I could take my heart and mind to a place where life will begin

I have to keep the ball rolling over the hillside over and over again
I have to keep my foot in the door and never let her close it again
Sacrament is enlightenment and is never embarrassed to easily ever again
Closing in on the truth, and I won't ever let her slide through my finger tips ever again

she doesn't want me to let her go
She needs more time alone I know
There is one across the street who is afraid afraid I'll abandon her
no way no chance in hell, I'm here to stay...

To be gifted is a blessing, self-hindering ability is a curse
are you going to let the dark side take over,
do you know the secrets of the universe
Granted is enchanted don't take me for granted

I don't want to be alone anymore, I'm alone all the time, I want someone to be alone with, no wait I'm pushing it, I don't want a woman the more I want her the less she wants me

I don't want to move on... I want to be divine
maybe I try to hard, and I lay it all down on the line
Causing her to push back, push me away ... give her time... give her time...

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