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Something and my Gravity

Something and my Gravity

Something told me to come find you                                                      I looked everywhere in light     Notices that your different   Found you in darkness               You changed ,It didn't take you long                                                held me without holding     Charged me without spending You turned me without looking         I loved you so much                        I would have drowned in your dreams                                   just to save you                           But you didn't even noticed            

I gave you so many butterflies      That you started given them out to anyone                                            I started to questions you               And like a train you blowed through just when I needed you     You loved me but turned me fragile                                                  Then you touched me and my fragile crumbles into a rose            So I'm done I'll give my rose to my gravity                                          Cause I know no matter what I go through my gravity will keep me close                                                  Something told me to come find you, I should have never listened

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