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Something Crazy This Way Comes

Something Crazy This Way Comes

Photo shows little Cody nipping Ernie as he arrives at our house

I remember the day we chose you, from your doggie mommy’s litter of seven;
It was like a star had guided us, sent down straight from The Heavens!
We saw this little white dervish, attacking his siblings, on the run;
We knew that you were perfect, we knew you were β€œthe one”!
For our Nico was an alpha, and his little brother had to be one too;
A puppy who could keep up with him, a perfect puppy such as you!
The first moment that he met you, and you gave him a baby nip;
Nico fell in love so instantly, his heart and Soul adrip!
His lifelong friend was Ernie, another Bichon male;
The first time that you met him, you immediately him assailed!
Nico was actually happy, to get some time to rest;
While his crazy baby brother, put poor Ernie to the test!
Round and round you chased him, till you finally tuckered out;
Ernie said, β€œHey Nico, your new brother’s nuts, no doubt”!
They were both 16 months older, but little Cody ruled the roost;
If they attempted to slack off a bit, you’d give their butts a boost!
Though you are little
You’re the fiercest of the fierce
Beware of Cody


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Larry Ran

My Dear Lisa,

To receive these words, from such a gifted poet, made my day.

Larry xxx

Cherie Leigh

Lol...You have to watch out for little alpha males...My Haven is one too....and likes to show how tough he is in such a cute package...lolΒ  Poor Ernie..lolΒ  Cody didn't mean any harm, just setting the ground rules of who is in charge.Β  xoΒ  Thanks for sharing your memories of Cody and Nico.Β  xo Love n hugsΒ Β 

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

It would have been interesting to see how your Haven would have reacted to Cody's puppy attacks.Β  These beautiful memories bring a little solace to the tremendous pain we still suffer from our loss.Β  They lost their dear friend Ernie far too early, at only eight years old.Β  We had to be sure not to say his name, for whenever they heard it, they'd get all excited, thinking he was coming to their house, or they were going to his.
You always understand the depths of love people like you and us, have for our treasured Soulmates.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx