Poem -

Sparklers In The Rain

Sparklers In The Rain

... and the Gods cried 

when Prometheus
the original tech icon
stole flame
and gave man a chance
to culturally advance

Fire changed everything ...

Providing warmth and comfort
from the harsh elements

That glow of security
which illuminates
the dreaded night

Fire changed everything ...

Searing heat
forging the swords

Newer and better weapons
of quick,efficient destruction

Implements perfected
for the tearing of flesh

The flame lit torches
to let us pillage and burn
our charred enemies

Create a funeral pyre
rising to the heavens
to honor our recently dead

Fire changed everything...

For better for worse

A blessing and a curse

In many ways
fire is like love
the flames which consume
is such a wonderous creation

Wreaking blazing devastation 
and exquisite beauty
throughout the inferno of human history

We the bastard offspring

The sparkling legacy
of Prometheus and Aphrodite

These terrifying contradictions

Both splendidly deadly addictions

We can't seem to live without