Poem -

Stormy waters

As a baby when you were born 
you were my pride and joy. My
aim to be the best mummy ever 
I failed under stormy weathers.

But before the storm came I remember some beautiful days dressed in pyjamas watching DVDs painting pictures and naps upon my knee.

All I ever wanted was the best for you, to give you freedom to find your wings to express yourself by doing various things. 

All my intentions have purely been to make you feel like gold but I failed in that when stormy waters took hold.

So stormy waters arrived, my heart died and so did my soul. Lies, deceit, mistrust it all took its toll. Backstabbed close to home made me isolated trusting no one.  

But somewhere along I feel your love turned to hate. Not surprising for when I look in the mirror I see an ugly me.  

But I’m working on that a new me.  I hope you never encounter what I have received and I know it’s not all about me. 

But please just remember I love you very much and I hope you stay in touch.

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