Poem -

Suspended Transcendental Meditative State...

Suspended Transcendental Meditative State...

Temporarily relieves, loosens,
and detaches worldly weight,
albeit bearing heavily straight
away upon well balanced,
awk credited miniature oblate
spheroid, sans cranial

dome to help alleviate
this principled capital one citizen banker,
whose penurious plight
seeks to make lightweight
oppressive burden clawing
(with razor sharp talons)

tete a tete upon pate
never to abate
pennilessness, which oppressive monetary
crisis could abbreviate
livingsocial, and spur me to abdicate
charade, facade minted "FAKE"

dog and pony Truman
kaput show, doth accelerate
velocity at which body
electric will demonstrate
how basket of deplorable
pauperism existence I abominate

past the tipping point to relish,
where being in the red
financially doth accentuate
swiftness yours truly will acclimate,
where among grave
mausoleums will accommodate

finding yours truly to acculturate
adjusting being housed
with grateful dead help facilitate
mine written posthumous decomposition
once Hades will activate
leverage - haggling with ferryman,

which latter might equivocate
par for the course, especially demise,
asper cessation circumlocution prone
fella never to tubby a freight
of becoming deceased

signifying no more flapping gums
asthma lovely bones disintegrate
into basic constituent matter
repurposed into essence, I cannot intimate.

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