Poem -

"Team Clean & Serene!"

"Team Clean & Serene!"

"I have seen what it's like to die,
kiss the Earth and say goodbye,
and in the middle of leaving,
I told God I didn't want to go,
so He snatched me back,
told the devil, 'Hell no!'

I still remember that complete feeling of dread,
Thank You God for letting me live instead!
Now is the time that I come to repay,
all the good things that You've done and will say,
to lift me up when I'm feeling blue,
God thank You for everything that You do,
I'm so glad that I've met You,
and now I've sided,
my heart's with The Light,
and when I am weak,
He gives me strength to fight,
We are a team,
called, 'Clean & Serene!'"

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Terry Kay

Fonda,. I like the journey your describing.  Sweet poem!  Terry Kay

Terry Kay

Yes and Amen I wholeheartedly agree! Terry Kay