Poem -



A new wave parts
For the dawn of a new day
With the view of the mountain top inside
A consciousness, the monuments
Of sorrow devoutly pave
Between illuded interpretation
And arbitrary sleight

Altar to alter, eclectic edicts and axioms conspired
As conversions prevail and the worshipful heed
To the prophetic resonance of the arrival
Wearing thorns and bearing the fall for others
As sinners swarm, adhering to the call
Fearing what only they may suffer

Presume the past precedes the present
But only appears at random to intertwine
To serve itself within free will, to avenge and clarify
Then a god I could have been or a suffusive parasite
And though your blood I spill, I without pain, repent
To ascend where you reside

To be shunned from the secrets
Yet blessed to never be
A witness to the sequence
Which often precludes our sympathy
But if apprehension's the only reason to abide
Then at least your judgement spares
While it betrays an unaffected sacrifice

And it's a testament to self
When the faithless give without sight of salvation
Never a witness nor longing the light of alleviation
From the acquired hail mary and hallelujah that is
The return of perversion spent

And the one who seeks a shallow forgiveness
With remorse for the fear of god
Won't feel the weight of the one his stone inflicted
Until empathy becomes your hell
​​​​​​And you find your soul alive 
As from the world you invert your eyes
To know the loneliness of living

Above the coercion of prestige and condescension
I discerned free will dictate through timeless eyes
And the sun was not one to absorb or to determine
The effete shadowed by the hounds of death
Or the reprieved endowed upon rebirth
As it crawled into a black hole
The plan was unveiled to each
A reason of their own defined