Poem -

"That Makes Three"

"That Makes Three"

"I'm not good for anyone or anything,
at least that's what I think,
gradually losing my foundation,
inching forwards towards the brink.
I'm surprised I even have,
the strength to even speak.

The old me is crying saying this,
his hands beat down and broken,
in an unbridled rage,
he is trying his, 'oh so best',
to be on every page,
of these poems,
of my journey to being a man,
but I can chain him back up,
right now I know I can,
for my inner child and I,
are becoming stronger everyday,
with God's Help that makes three,
we are stronger than the devil and he.

So old me listen up!
Now's the time you had best shut up!
I've put you back inside your cage,
scream at me fiercely,
I'm now ready for the war,
that is at this very moment being waged,
because I know God has me.
He gives my inner child and I the strength to stand up,
and be a better person,
and a better man!"

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