Poem -

the afternoon's surmise

the afternoon's surmise

Time flows through the afternoon
In the shadows of the mind –
Yet to control the effervescent life

Secluded silence venting anger
In the valley’s daunting hills
Iridescent cloud replaced by thunder’s sky

Lightning strikes – the trees shake (so do I) –
Attention’s gaze diverts (life passes by)

Leave be what’s real in shadows walking past –
They fade away to solitude and die

Fantasy climbs mountains (turns to real)
Animated – angered – it can feel

The tree – holding firm under thunder’s reign
It does not feign (it must stand tall)
As to in the harshest times defend

The valley from the mountain
The child from the man
The poor from pompous minds
(The pompous from themselves
In better times)

Time flows through the afternoon
Despair (lost) to cheerful (found)
Exultation from delusion (the afternoon’s surmise)
Sunlight scatters off the atmosphere –

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Simon Bromley

You've penned this piece so brilliantly.  Well done.