Poem -

The Cruel Sea

The Cruel Sea

I used to live hereĀ 
Once here , stood my home.
Now it is Pacific ocean,
As the sea has rose.

I used to think them scare stories.
Now think it may be truthĀ 
Where , There was dry land is now sea bed
- That's pretty strong proof .

Temperatures rising , Ice caps are melting .
The oceans grow higher , Environmental disasterĀ 
They're swamping theĀ  vulnerable lands , Their greedy hands ,Ā 
Is it too late to stop them ?

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Marion Price

Probably not..we reap what we sow, as they say, but then I'm a pessimist. Nice work šŸŒ¹

Chris Bond

Thank you Marion , I tend to agree with you re reap what you sow , I was inspired to write by a news story of people losing their homes on the Solomon Islands due to a rising Pacific ocean , I hope you maybe find some of my other works interesting and wishing you a happy day :)