Poem -

The Darkness

        The Darkness surrounds our lives like the night surrounds the day until all the light is gone. So it is with our  hearts  the darkness invades our hearts in a masquerade. Pretending to be wise with his lies,there like flies that fly through the skies. their hatced  outo his mouth in a cloud of deception meant to deceive like a serpent did Eve. Clouding up the waters of the truth making it unclear to all far and near. But to those who dare to draw near the truth will be clear because as a doctor is with his patient waiting for the truth to come clear so it is with our patients the truth is made clear as the light clears up the Darkness. 

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Marion Price

See, I am not blocked and neither are you. All is well ok...go to my page and I bet you will be able to comment. No harm done at all 🌷🌷