Poem -

The dream catcher 2

The dream catcher 2

As I fight the urge to fall into the well of slumber
I grasp hold of the rose vines that plastered the concrete mount
I will not be a victim of the dream catcher
Not tonight
I have the heart and the soul to be a writer
the blacken nails scrape against my bed frame
screeching ever so loudly in my head
Tuning in like a raider bouncing off the beams in the ceiling
I search for a foot hole
And holding on by a tread
I made it till sunrise
The dream catcher now leaving
Screaming “this is not the end”
even more curious than before
what dream was I holding on to so tight?
was it enough to appease it’s appetite?

                                                      Sarah Harry

are you willing to hold on to your dream so it won't be snatched away?

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I like the feel of this narrative, it's like you allowed me to journey through the haunting realms of a psychedelic mind..

I love the creepy ass image 😉😱👹

sarah harry

lolz i'm trying fiction out glad you liked it 

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Sarah!  Yikes!  It makes me want to hold onto my dreams and not risk the dream catcher taking them away!  I thought dream catchers were a good thing to have...lol  Great dark write.  xo  

sarah harry

in this instance i made the dream catcher into a creature that's quite scary but i do like a opic that catches your attention for being different