Poem -

The entertainment ends

test tubes and liberty

Naked scratched walls
hung with crucified stain dotted prints
large vacuums of empty shelving
awaited crypts
tarnished by the uninvited curious space

The skins lie piled on glass hands
outstretched and pleading
mosaic swamp
hidden before the layered flooring
strange the instruments
pledged on metal arms

A domain where death
in daily flight
seeks theĀ  refuge
seeks a life
curledĀ  on the alters course edge
this man
this broken casement
awaits a final
drawing of cryptic heavy breaths

clad in black iron
an unlit stove
robotic in gothic alarm
stands as a watchman
untroubled in the static station

in his mind
he is removingĀ  his position his parts
piece by bloody piece
unused untouched
dismantling himself
though eyes bless a cowards

somewhere down the rain-soaked bleat
of a cursed outside
in a limestone crevice
the final hymn

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