Poem -

The Flame Game

The Flame Game

My heart skipped a few beats the first time we met..
Your smile was gorgeous, a moment I'll never forget.
It's now been four years and your no longer the same..
The fires gone out from a once hot passionate flame.

So I'm at a loss and don't know what to do..?
It seems everything I do is never good enough for you.
Do you want me to leave and never return?
A final goodbye and another lesson to learn.

I should never have trusted you to hold my heart..
Had I known it would be hurt and torn apart..
I'd have never been drawn in with your infectious charm..
And saved myself from this internal harm.

Just know that I loved you and gave it my best..
It's unfortunate I didn't pass your tolerance test.
I can't tolerate your lies and constant mind games..
Just know that I'm hurting and I'll never be the same.

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Hard rock lover

Wonderful flow to your poem. I read it many times over . Very profound words , rock