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Romantic Zodiac : The Gentleman

Romantic Zodiac : The Gentleman

So exquisite, you are, miss, tonight,
when all the world shouldn't be intruding.
Can not a moment be solely for us, you and I?
After such long and patient waiting,
such an emotional ride?
To find what exists between us?
How long did it take?
How many careful looks,
guarded words,
tender moments?
Love is such a sweet thing,
Indeed, but doubly rewarding,
then, when all comes to fruition.
But, should you rather,
Love can be put on hold,
life can find it's own time.
I will wait for you, miss,
until you can accept this.
This feeling we share.
Should you wish it,
then so shall it be,
such an exquisite night...

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Tony Taylor

YES!!!.....I do agree that the night would be exquisite indeed DMITRI.... knowing that Love is in the air......waiting patiently for the time, the moment, to be conducive for Love's big 'Reveal'!!...... that kind of electricity between two people is truly magical, powerful, lyrical, and cannot be purchased for ANY price....... it is a huge part of why human beings exist AT ALL!!!........ALL STARS!!....... Beautifully penned dear poet brother!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo ๐Ÿงโœดโค

Dmitri Rudder

Thanks Tony, though, I feel obligated to ask, which Of the Romantic Zodiac do you match? From what I know about you, you seem a shoe-in for the Gentleman or the Brother types. I guess it depends on this, are you more formal, or a jokester. Bot of those two types are kind and devoted, but one is like the dream prince, and the other is like an annoying big brother who's adorable in his jokes and expressions.ย 

Tony Taylor

Hey DMITRTI !!.....sorry about the late reply......I don't which I am...... how do you determine which you are... and..... how do you even find out what signs you are talking about..... I'm VERY familiar with Sun Signs (Astrologically).....I am a Scorpio born on All Saints Day..... if that helps!!....... Anyway, let me know and I'll follow up for sure... you've got me curious!!...... talk soon......T xo ๐Ÿง

Dmitri Rudder

Don't Freak Out Tony!! It's just determining what kind of person you are as a lover. You can fall into either sets, male or female, depending on personality, but the determining factor is your role/attitude.


Ice Prince- Cold and Inexpressive, but cares very much for their other,
"Of Course I love you, whether it makes sense to me...or not. It is what it is and all else is irrelevant..."

White Knight - Dramatic and very Loyal, very protective and helpful.
"If you should ever find yourself in trouble, or distressed. I will be there. Come hell or high water, I will be there for you."

Gentleman- Rather simple and understated, but deeply romantic.
"I know perhaps you do care for me, but... Whether you do or don;t I will wait for my, miss. To all ends, I am yours."

Petit Prince - Usually Younger than Other, wants to be seen as a man. To that degree, tends to be bolder and more easily embarrassed, but still romantic.
"I'm not much. I may not be the wisest, strongest, biggest, but I can still protect you. Give me a chance."

Brother - Typically an old friend of the other. Sometimes has trouble showing romantic love because of fear of ruining friendship. But, once they do, they have the best relationships, being caring, loving, and often humorous.
"You know, you could maybe fool someone else with that smile, but not me. What's wrong?"

Coin - A Laissez-faire lover, sometimes less than expressive or reluctant to show love, but still care very deeply, and can have very deep and understanding moments.
"Okay... I get It! I know I'm away for days, I know you don;t like my parent's, I know... I know you wish I was gone... but, more than anything else in this world... I love you."

Joker - Those who feel intensely, and have unstable emotions involving jealousy, perceived slights, and spurning. They Are ceaselessly loyal, but very volatile.
"Of Course, dear, there's no reason We can;t go together. I would love nothing more to be by your side. Tat way, none of those idiots you work with will get ANY funny Ideas!"

Brute - Tend to be stronger and show callous personalities. Have issues with 'issues' and romantic ick in general. However, they tend to be the most loyal, caring, and protective, even if they don;t really show it all the time...
"Yeah sure. You don't have to be so dumb, do you? Who else would I want to marry? I'm not breaking up, dummy, I'm proposing!"

I have you figured for The Brother. Of course, you could Be The brute, from the amount of romance you throw Cherie's way, I might even be able to see you Into White Knight Status. Do you tend to make dramatic proclamations of unending commitment?