Poem -

The Hustler’s

The Hustler’s

In February of 1962, I formed a group with four good friends;
For a boy’s high school bowling league, Saturday mornings there to spend!
I named our team “The Hustler’s”, because we all shot lots of pool;
But we were also decent keglers, 165 averages, as a rule!
One of the teams was a powerhouse, their captain averaged 200 plus;
They were favored very heavily, no one considered us!
But when it came down to the last week, our records were about the same;
So we had to bowl them for the title, it’s winners to be named!
Now they were better bowlers, but we were hustlers through and through;
Before the match even started, we hollered “no problem, we’ll beat you”!
They laughed and said “there’s no way”, but we had planted deadly seeds;
We threw their games off just enough, that we beat them, yes indeed!
They were very aggravated, sore losers with attitudes;
We just smiled and said “Hey buddies, you must not be so rude”!
For it’s not always talent that wins the contest, a hustler early learns;
Get into your opponent’s heads, and the tide will quickly turn!
Hustlers will fleece you
Just when you think you can’t lose
They will beat your ass


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Cherie Leigh

Lol....This made me laugh Larry.....Mind of matter really works and can use reverse psychology on others to throw their game...That is so funny.  You have some of the best memories of growing up...I love to live through your stories.  xo ;)  Love n Hugs   

Larry Ran

My Dearest Cherie,

I can always depend on you for words that bring happiness to my heart and Soul.  Because, if my poetry can bring a smile to such a gifted writer as you, I have accomplished all that I set out to do.

Larry xxx