Poem -

The Lady of the Lake

Fire spread like pollen riding on the wings of wind.
Over a pasture plagued with drought.
Fierce flames consumed the fields.
Clouds danced in the distance.
To the songs of an evaporated sky.
Dehydrated withered existence.
The hills burned with emptiness.

And that's when I saw her.
The lady of the lake.
Her passion flowed like rivers.
Her soul rippled like puddles meeting drops of rain.
Her eyes were the undertow pulling me towards life.
Her voice whispered truths disguised as a lie.
Her smile sang songs that no station could play.
Her touch blossomed flowers even on the darkest of days.

Just like the seasons.
The weather will change.
I opened my eyes.
Alone, awake.
Goddess of water.
The lady of the lake.
The one from my dreams.
In my slumber we meet.

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Imtisal Fatima

Wow! Really nice write, I loved your descriptions and imagery.
Β Well done :)

Thomas Harrington

Thank you so much! Thanks for reading and reaching out. I appreciate it. 😊

Terry Kay

Thomas,. This is a Wowzer poem.Β  Great writing and I enjoyed.Β  Welcome to Cosmo and congrats on your nomination.Β  Terry Kay

Thomas Harrington

Thank you so much Terry! I really appreciate it 😊❀️