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The Masters

The Masters

To me, the greatest of all golf tournaments, the “Four Majors”, as they are known;
Is “The Masters”, from Augusta Georgia, which this week, is being shown!
The best eighty golfers in the whole World, plus six amateurs of renown;
They all played yesterday and Thursday, now the field is cut down!
Some big names did not make it, like Justin Rose, ranked number one;
But the leaderboard is the best ever, five with majors already won!
The shots have been phenomenal, amazing for us viewers to see;
They play today and again tomorrow, to see who claims victory!
Tiger Woods is eagerly prowling, only one shot off the lead;
Of Brooks Koepka and Molinari, plus three more top ten seeds!
Once again, the epitome of all tournaments, proves to be heads above the rest;
Who will win and wear the coveted Green Jacket, who will pass golf’s greatest test?
It’s now Master’s time
The greatest golf tournament
In the whole World


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Rose Sho

Did I see 'Justin  Rose' in the write?  Sounds like my name though. Hope Linda is fine. my love to her.

Love you both dearly

Larry Ran

Our Dear Sweet Rose,

Sorry for the late reply.
Not only did you see Justin Rose mentioned, but he is the number one rated golfer in the world.  Of course, our sweet Rose, and her dear husband Justin, are two of our "number one" friends in the World too.

All our love,
Linda and Daddio xxx