The Mind

The Mind

The mind of a writer
is driven by the desire
to enact change, 
inflict emotion,
pass on knowledge,
and inspire.
The process through which
they choose to do this
is the whole of what
makes up
their self image.
Allowing the reader inside
what makes them laugh
and cry
creates a bond
long thought of as intimate.
How they perceive themselves,
from their eyes to their cells,
will dictate the product
that flows from
an ever softening shell.
How they achieve this state
to grow and create
requires a vulnerability
that most,
even those close,
will rarely see.
as it goes...
to get to know an author
isn't done through interviews,
talk shows,
or even podcasts
with ads and sponsors.
It's by reading...
and gathering
whats gleaming
from the outpouring
of the minds
of scribes
who express
this soul teaching.

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Icarus Flocke

you have an admirable idealism, and i liked the
natural flow and presentation of this work man.

all stars bro.

RRG (Rebecca)

Congratulations. This is wonderful and captures the heart of what it means to be an artist. Blessings.