Poem -

"The Only One"

"The Only One"

"'Bring them Home brother!
Another soul,
waits for The Seed,
and Good News,
so it can be rediscovered,
and it's up to you and me,
to make them realize,
God and Jesus,
aren't just make believe,
that they aren't just some silly notion,
that Christians cling to,
with so much devotion.

We have to help them realize,
they aren't all alone,
drowning in the ocean,
and all they have to do,
is grab God's Hand,
for He's The Only One,
who can get them to Dry Land,
so they too can stand,
and have the chance,
to start over again.
So they too,
can feel,
what it means,
to truly be free,
and so their blind eyes,
can finally,
be able to see,
that they've been living,
upside down,
and their faith and spirit,
has been glued to the ground.

We are God's Soliders,
to make sure His Will be done,
and let everyone know,
they can be forgiven by His Son.
So go out amongst The Lost,
and share The Gospel,
in hopes that it will,
break the spell,
of those souls,
on the pathway to hell!"

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Jesus is the only one angel God blessย