Poem -

The only one

The only one

Only yesterday
I sat in the backyard
extolling the sun

A bird sat meekly
on the edge of the fence
looking me squarely in the eye

It chirped – it squawked –
melodic of song
or out of tune (a warning)

Waiting to swoop
or sense a friend –
belief with want of fawning

Did she think
or merely exist
did she have a past and present

Did she feel
the here and now –
the now and here with essence

She came that day
the only way she knew
she left that day
the same way
and past the sun she flew

Ideas and wisdom
thoughts and feelings
gravitate toward me solely

Yet we stare and share
with others there
what’s virtuous and holy

Better times
(yet to be spent)
yet to be loved and fettered

And when they come
the only one –
my love lay bare – be bettered

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