Poem -

The Party

The Party

Holly and Polly and Molly were jolly
They were going to the party to play

But Molly told Polly that Holly had told her
The party was on the wrong day

But it’s tomorrow; said Polly to Molly when Holly
Had told them the party’s today

Holly’s dressed for the party; said Molly to Polly
Oh, Polly, oh what should I say

You must tell her she’s wrong
That she has the days skewered
Said Polly to Molly in dread

Did she not read the invite; said Molly to Polly
As she pulled it from her pocket and read

Argh! It says it’s today, the first day in May
Get dressed – we have no time to waste

Molly and Polly got dressed in a hurry
Polly wore green to Molly’s bright red

You look lovely; said Polly to Molly (distracted)
To the mirror she stood to reflect

Bright red is the colour – there is no other
To wear to a party like this

But hurry; said Polly, stressing to Molly
We have no time, there’s no time to miss

Molly and Polly arrived and saw Holly
Playing and having such fun

Holly looked to them both
And said ever so sweetly;
Come and enjoy this great day in the sun!

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