Poem -

The Pathway

The Pathway

In an unwinding room together
Two stare upon the screen
But in a blink, a finger click
The light is off
And where eyes had set to gaze
Is the absorption of time eternal
The moment still and held within
AΒ radiant twain of orbs

Though the tide has effaced the footprints
The psyche conveys a key impression
And within each unsettled nerve and cell
Lies the indelible memoirs of quintessence

I wander through the barren corridors
Weightless, in my ethereal approach
A traveller who seeks his past to capture
But can never unlock Barbelo's door

And by candle spark I'll scry
Till the dark incinerates my eyes
And the glass fracturesΒ 
To free your unforgotten ghost
As I have built a psychomanteum
Out of centuries of sand
And still this flame awaitsΒ 
The touch of its conjoining host


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Simon Bromley

Pure brilliance!Β  How are you not getting more likes?Β  Your poetry is epic.

Ian William

I can't thank you enough, Simon! I am always touched by your comments!

Ian William

Thank you ever so much, Poetess! I'm truly flattered by your continuous support!

Ian William

Thank you very much, Lorris! Deeply appreciated!