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The pronoun game

The pronoun game

They told her everything she was,
was for the glory of men.
So every time she fell in love,
she’d slowly die, for him.
She didn’t grow up to become a woman,
they grew from her; someone’s wife.
She became whatever he needed,
even if just for a night.

Her father broke his promise,
her mother went insane.
She fell in love with a woman,
and tried to play the game.

I hid the pieces in the sofa,
and down the sides of the bed.
I made my chest the foundation,
upon which she lay her head.

But love is not an eternal thing,
it wasn’t made to be.
So when the eleventh hour struck,
it was my time to leave.

She said there would never be another,
and swore on her next of kin.
I said I was sorry but I’d have killed us both,
before becoming ‘him’.  

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Tony Taylor

Hey LEANNE!!..... this has an excellent sense of rhythm and timing in its delivery...... reads beautifully when spoken aloud...... delivering the intent in a very moving way..... sounds like her road was not only a tough one..... but a psychologically twisted game!!......ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet.... and.... WELCOME to COSMO!!.... LOVE and ROCKETS!!!......T xo ❤👍👍👍😊

Keith Fitzsimons

Leanne great flow to this and as Tina saud above. I am also a sucker for great rhyme!