Poem -

“The Rain”

“The Rain”

The rain is peaceful,
The rain is dark,
It can bring up all these emotions and you don’t even know where to start,

Some days it’s beautiful,
Some days it’s sad,
Some days it brings up all these memories you wish you didn’t have,

You can’t see your tears through the rain,
But there will always be that pain that just won’t go away,

You can pray for the rain to go away,
So then maybe tomorrow will be a better day,
But that’s never a guarantee,
Seeing that everything is supposedly meant to be,

Rain doesn’t bring sadness,
what brings sadness is the memories and pain that occurred when it rained,

The rain doesn’t bring joy,
It isn’t neat,
The rain brings up all the pain and memories hiding beneath,

It feels like i can’t breathe,
I can’t breathe bc all of the things that’s happened to me,
So that’s why the rain isn’t for me,
That’s why the isn’t neat.  

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Good write angel 

Edward Williams

It’s a good write it’s very literal and gets the message across directly👍I have no idea about your writing history and I am absolurly no one to judge. But u asked so I’ll give you my thoughts 😊I belive no one is better than any one .so please don’t take MY words to heart  Only thing I wana say is if you used some more “ thinking lines” like metaphors and stuff that might not make any sence the first time you read .
that’s what gets people tranced in poetry the felling to want to read it again and again to unravel more secrets . 

Any way great write well structured and everything enjoyed it😊

Kristen Landrum

oh no,i completely understand where you’re coming from. the whole poem in general is kinda a tongue twister tbh. but that’s the way i made it. i made it that way so you’ll be able to quickly grasp the concept of what i was and what my mind is going through. the idea of the poem wasn’t to be some type of puzzle. it was to swiftly understand the lines through every word you read. it was to understand how the rain can completely change your state of mind and even make you question your insanity. i appreciate your feedback and maybe my next poem will have some type of figurative language in it.