Poem -

The Raw Power Of Natural Phenomena

The Raw Power Of Natural Phenomena

Vast dynamic catalysts
inaugurated biochemical
(biological), geological,
and/or meteorological

processes, that didst
wax and wane
since time immemorial
before this "FAKE"

pencil neck geek NOT vain
poet law re:hot bubbled
outa (Compton)
primordial ah stew,

(ward) uber urbane,
sans global Pangea some
bajillion years presaging Ukraine
chiseled terra firmae didst reign

from hydrosphere,
(setting the stage
for Matthew Scott
Harris to markedly twain (train)

his thoughts), wrought variable dramatic,
epochal geographic upheavals
(recorded palimpsest like)
across global terrain

catastrophic, dramatic, epic forces
rendered prehistoric creatures slain
extinction, though billions of years
survived Prince sip

pull purple rain
skill little till lee (skeletally),
within said dam hint
(sediment) permanently preserving

an impress'n quatrain
jam packed with species, some
of which flew like a
donny soaring plane

signaled onset and demise
of supposed pseudonymous
terrible lizards with bulging eyes
"NON FAKE" special effects,

but actual - no lies
wooly alive paw lick
tickly incorrect, tough,
winning ignoble dangerous prize

huge, out of control, trumpeting,
who eve vent chilly gave rise
to Adam Abel bodied
coon sitter ably reduced

cane raising,
(yet most fearsome) size
a totally tubularly err wrecked
primate nada so wise.

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