Poem -

The Shadow

The Shadow

“When you say to people you create your own reality,
Many become angry at such crudality.”
“They become angry at the idea reality is a choice,
‘You cannot select your fate following the inner voice!’”
“‘No, it can’t be. I refuse to accept,
All the pain and the horror the loss and regret…’”
“Yet when it comes to responsibility,
They reserve the right to make choices indeed.”
“‘I’m not going to be responsible for that!’”
“‘I’ll decide if I am responsible, in fact’.”
“Here they do have the ability to select,
And choose not to be responsible for what outwardly projects.”
“In fact, reality is filled with a myriad of choices,
Almost everything is a choice in every moment that passes.”
“But among the millions of choices you make in your life,
Responsibility is not one of them, it's you that decides.”
“Everyone will be responsible for their impact on creation,
No matter how long they deny it —it will show in each situation.”
“No matter how long they may pretend,
It's a matter of when, they'll face it in the end.”
“Some have learned to take responsibility quickly,
Almost spontaneously with much integrity,
Others seem to just deny it and say,
‘No, I’m not going to be responsible today’,
But in time — it might be ten years, you eventually will be…”
“Perhaps it will manifest as some sort of  disease,
Then you will be forced to become responsible,
And look deeply inward for it’s the only thing possible.”

“All the stuff that you want to postpone —
All the stuff of responsibility that you don't want to own…”
“You delay it, deny it and don't want to know,
But all of this stuff goes into your Shadow.”
“It never gets lost, it never dispels,
It cannot be disposed of its part of the Self.”
“Where do you put it if you can't throw it away?”
Only into yourself or your shadow, I should say.”
“Maybe you hide it in your joints or organs,
Or maybe you hide it in your audience.”
“Perhaps you hide your hostility in your parents,
But eventually, you will come around to face it.”
“Until you do, it is contained within your
This darkness that you won’t admit you own.”

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really good ! this is quite engaging and makes me think a little ..😊

seems like a well thought out piece of writing .

sarah harry

everyone's reality is different as we choose what we acknowledge and place priority on i agree
well penned 

Suzanne Atherton

Acknowledgement - life long process ;)
Thanks for the comment