Poem -

The preacher who falls into the ocean,

β€œThere is a preacher who falls into the ocean,
He cannot swim, so it's all quite a commotion.Β 
Gulping water, he cries to the Lord,
β€œPlease come and save me for I'm overboard!”
Then a boat comes by, and the captain yells,
Β "Do you need help, sir?" You don't look well!"
Β The preacher replies, "No, God will save me."Β 
As he struggles to stay afloat in the deep blue sea.
A little later, another boat comes by,
A fisherman says, "climb aboard, I'll get you dry."
The preacher replies again, "No God will save me."Β 
So the fisherman makes his way out to sea.
Eventually our preacher drowns,
Reaching the pearly gates, his face a frown.
The preacher asks God, "Why didn't you save me?"Β 
God says, β€œI sent you two boats but you refused them flatly!”
β€œWhatever more do you expect me to do?” 
"You must grasp all the things that come to you."

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Hello Suzanne...

I heard this story a few times...

It's always great!

Thank you for sharing...




Great poem lol angel